Fringe Season 3: Episode 1 ‘Olivia’

Fringe is back. Fantastic but surely after the strong finish of Season 2 we’re due for a fall from grace? Spoilers lie ahead.

Well surprisingly not and this is down to the performances that are thrown at us.

In all plot revealing shortness we are faced with Olivia, ‘our’ Olivia faced with capture and efforts at reducation in the Walternate universe. Her struggles, subsequent escape and following battle for survival form the fulcrum of the episode. This demands a lot of Anna Torv but she delivers in spades. This is complemented by the great performances of the rest of the cast from John Noble downwards. This is especially true from two difference sources – the ‘Red’ Fringe Division team members and Andre Royo in a crucial part which was well cast with the man who brought ‘Bubbles’ to life in ‘The Wire’ bringing a very different and very real character to life. I suspect we might not have seen the last of him. Well actually I hope we might have seen the last of him.

Direction is excellent including a dramatic and easy to follow action scene. The ‘science bit’ follows well and delivers a lovely bit of spin to the plot with long term consequences. We then end on a view into ‘our’ or the ‘bluverse’ and hints at the repercussions of Season 2 ‘s finale there.

Overall a great return of the show.

(Profuse apologies for the shortness of this review but I’m squeezing it in before BICS and episode 2 is on tonight. Normal service will be resumed)

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