Fringe Season 3 Episode 14 “6B”


This Fringe episode deals with loss and relationships and in so doing makes a real move in the situation between two of the characters. Meanwhile Walter comes to realise he might be closer to Walternate than he hoped, which is also entertaining viewing.

Turning to the ‘threat of the week; we have none of the body horror we’ve got used to but a hint of quantum physics  and the trapping of a haunted house or witch story. This leads to a scenario that’s designed to induce sympathy – and I think that’s my problem with this episode.

However able the performances we’re left with a key dilemma that feels…a little ‘Highway to Heaven,’ a little ‘Touched by an Angel’, a little…shit.

The ending of the scenario has similar weaknesses to the balderdash that Trek likes to wheel out of people speaking down computers or emotionally appealing to god aliens. In short it feels like the story ran out of steam and in the struggle to have a happy ending reached for a big bad of clichés, which really isn’t like Fringe.

It’s curious because the same writing team as here was involved with 6955khz which i really liked – could this be something truly strange – a Fringe filler episode? Is the weakness down to the director helming his first episode this season?  I doubt it it does appear to be the writing.

Of course not, the plot arch continues to advance though (spoilers) one can’t help fearing that like Lois and Clark or Daphne and Niles something might become unstuck now in the dynamic.  Hopefully even if it does, Walter’s battles to find the right solutions and fears of becoming Walternate will save things.

So in sort – it was good – but it wasn’t Fringe quality.

3/5 Stars.

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