Fringe Season 3 Episode 3: The Plateau

The name of this episode gave me a little trepidation. Naturally enough so many shows decide to coast for a decent chunk of their runs. In particular American series with their long runs. Maybe its because stuck story telling makes for easier syndication?  So when Plateau featured as an episode it induced some nerves.

Fringe however seems to avoid such pitfalls. On it’s most basic terms this was a fairly standard ‘gribly of the week’ episode. The particular ‘griby’ is of the kind we’ve seen before but the episode managed to may it’s abilities believable so I could see how the connections followed even if I couldn’t have made them myself.  You can of course safely predict spoilers follow.

We were back in the Redverse and Bluolivia. (Given the red tinged hair and more importantly the trousers bloused fetchingly into combat boots I want to call her Phoolivia but that’ll get confusing if they change outfits. So I’ll behave myself.) Now it might just be me but I suspect the speed at which the Red Fringe team solved this problem was down to the Bluolivia’s detective background. From what we have seen of Redlivia I can’t imagine she’d have delivered as quickly with as much emotional intelligence. Is this just me with my pet theory that Red Fringe is hampered by it’s miltiary approach and Blue Fringe by it’s policing one? Maybe – let me know.

We also get a greater insight into the medicine & technology of the Redverse and the very tight dynamic that exists between the team. This includes Redbroyles concern over Walternate’s master plan. All compelling played.

Oh course my earlier fears over this episode are ridiculous – for a start fringe does have  a long run. The 22 epsidoes are split it appears between the red and Blue universe making a run of only (British series grimmace) 11 episodes.  Add into that we in fact get two plots in each universe – Olivia/Redlivia plot and the respective universes Walter/Walternate  plus your gribly of the week it’s no wonder it flies by.

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