Futurama Season 6 Episode 9 – A Clockwork Origin

This week Futurama focuses on the debate that surrounds the theories of Evolution and Creationism. Professor Farnsworth sets out to prove the theory of Evolution, but disagrees with Bender’s theory that robots also evolved. Bender is proven right in spectacular style when Professor Farnsworth sets up home on a lifeless planetoid.

This is a solid episode of Futurama, which does what the show does best, mix the story and humour with some kind of social commentary. This episode gently questions the theory of evolution while parodying the classic fantasy film One Million BC.

Bender is on great form in the episode, as he has been for much of the new season and this episode is really all about proving him right. The plot – robot evolution – is reminiscent of the old Futurama joke where Bender says anything he does is automatically better and more interesting because it involves robots. The pairing of Zoidberg and Cubert was an interesting one in theory, but apart from a couple of giggles, it didn’t really work. Cubert is far to dismissive to be paired with a character like Zoidberg who does best when he is interacted with.

As for the message of the episode, it seemed a little muddled – as though the writers were not quite sure where they were headed with it. As well as this, the episode did little for overall character development. Each character was safe within his or her comfort zone. There were some classic lines, however, such as Professor Farnsworth’s “You people are as loud as you are ignorant”.

A clockwork Origin was a solid, fun episode, which fits nicely with the rest of the season so far, but lacked the wow factor of classic episodes of Futurama such as Godfellas or Time Keeps on Slippin’.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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