A “Grimm” Tale of Product Placement

A woman's Nike, or a woman's advertisement

It is possible that I am looking too deeply into this, or maybe I’m too jaded, but while watching Grimm (good show, check it out when you can) a pattern began to appear. So the questions that came to mind when I saw the following images were “Do people really speak in brand names?” and “In what context do people use brand names in conversation?”


Okay, what can you call it other than an iPod?

Did you hear me? My IPHONE!

Not the Nikes again!

Buy one now! (College girls not included)

The last time I can remember catching product placement was It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; I thin they are still doing it, with their “Storm of the Century” episode being an example. At least they have some fun with it.

You may also remember that in Heroes, the product placement was not very in-your-face, but present enough to be obvious.

So does product placement bother you, or are you so into your TV shows/movies that it doesn’t matter?

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  1. Studiostefan /

    5 minutes into the show I felt offended. Sort of eye-raped. This show is so intrusive, I will never watch it again.

  2. gally_mak /

    I noticed their affection for Iphones right away (several weeks ago, when i started watching Grimm, and now I am in 3d season. Yeah.). And up until now it was all the way, especially the sound of “unblocking”. This clickkk, you know. I knew it’s product placement from the very beginning, I dont really care. But tonight, they spend literally several seconds on showing the display of an iphone before Juliette unswered it. Annoying. Silly. Or not?

    • VichusSmith /

      At this point, they use and show phones so much I’ve kind of forgotten it’s product placement. Now I’m more focused on how obvious the Microsoft product placement is in “Arrow.”

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