Heroes Season 3, Episode 12: Our Father

This review contains minor spoilers

This review contains minor spoilers

It’s time for time travel! Usually, Hiro Nakamura uses his abilities to move through space, but on this occasion he goes back through time in order to learn what the catalyst is and how to get the catalyst in the right hands. Claire suspects that she s the catalyst, so Hiro snatched her up and took her into the past.

Claire know’s she’s the catalyst, but there isn’t much she can do with that knowledge. Hiro doesn’t know about the catalyst, but he knows from reading 9th Wonders that he and Claire go back to the past. They go back to a moment 16 years ago when Claire is handed off as a baby to Noah Bannet. This is when they put the pieces of the puzzle together and learn what they must do to put things right.

Probably breaking all the rules about time travel, Claire and Hiro take an active part in their own pasts. Hiro gets another chance to be with his mother, Ishi, who died of an illness; Claire masquerades as a neighbor’s relative to convince Noah not to havebaby Claire be turned into a human catalyst.

Back in the present Sylar, having killed Elle, is now focused on hunting for the truth about his bloodline.  Sylar has played so many roles thi season; son, father, brother, lover, good guy, and bad guy.  Sylar has never as interesting as when he’s being pure, unrepentant evil. Now Sylar is back to being the person he’s supposed to be.

At Pinehearst, Nathan is ready to take part in his father’s vision, but hdoesn’t want his father to play any role in this future he has imagined. The other Petrelli brother, Peter, makes the decision to go to Piehearst and finalluy kill his father, ending his plans to create a new world. With The Haitan’s powers, all Peter has to do is get one good shot at Arthur, right between the eyes.

Rate it: 4

This was a very good episode of Heroes. I thought that there were some great moments involving Sylar, Peter, Claire and Hiro. Hiro got to meet his mom, Sylar got back to being an evil serial killer,  and Peter finally got some balls. Claire and Hiro also had a couple good moments together. They had good chemistry with one aother.

Dry Slaps: 1

In this episode, Hiro has a great moment with his mother, only to go back to being

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