Heroes Season 3, Episode 13: Dual

Wait, is this one of the  Saw movies, or is this an episode of Heroes? Sylar seems to think he’s a murderous mastermind when he pits some of the heroes against one another, but that comes later. Speaking of people behaving differently, Nathan seems to have pulled into many directions this season. He has always been misguided and led down the wrong path, but now he’s taken up his fathers plans, all on his own. This leaves peter with no other choice but to oppose him and destroy all traces of the superpower formula.


Back at the company’s secret facility, Sylar has Noah, Angela Petrelli, Claire and Claire’s “”bio-mom,” Merideth, trapped.  Sylar tells them that the only way they stand a chance of surviving is to turn on each other. To counter the murderous game Sylar has an entire family playing, we get to see Matt, Daphne and Ando try to come up with some solution to Hiro being stuck in time. This leads to Ando being imbued with powers, with no guarantee that his powers would actually be of use.

So you have two facilities, Pinehearst and The Company, and two groups of people who want the fight to go their own way. It all leads up to a quite satisfying end.

Rate it: 4

After watching this mid-season finale a couple times, I felt that a lot of the loose ends were properly tied up, leaving us just enough suspense going into volume four, which is the “Fugitives” arc. I always like Sylar on this show, and I liked many of the characters working together for once on a common goal. This far into Heroes, these people should be joining forces.


Dry Slaps: 0

I hesitate on giving one for Ando getting a power that so properly fit his sidekick status, but I’l let Heroes slide on that one.  If the comics can get aways with fitting powers with personalities, then so can this show.

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