Heroes Season 3, Episode 14: A Clear and Present Danger

This review contains minor spoilers

This review contains minor spoilers

OK, so it seems that Nathan Petrelli learned a bit of a lesson; instead of revealing this secret to the public, he takes this knowledge to the US government. With their approval, Nathan puts together a team to hunt down everyone with abilities. So Nathan allows his friends and family to be targeted.

The heroes go down without a fight. Suresh, Peter, Tracy, Matt and Hiro are all beset upon by well-armed and well-prepared squads. See, this is what happens when you try to live a normal life, rather than forming a group to keep each other safe.

Nathan’s hit squad even tries to take out Slyar. Big mistake, right? Sylar’s got enough abilities to escape; but everyone else is rounded up and prepped to be sent on a trip to be excludeed from the rest of society.  Nathan’s plan is to do the opposite of what his father envisioned. Instead of controlling the fee people with power, hethinks that it is better to eliminate these powers completely.

Rate it: 3

I should rate this episode higher, but for some reason, I just was not that excited about this episode. I took two looks at it, and I wasn’t too bowled over. I know this is the volume in which the heroe might finally band together and kick some ass, but I think there has to be a significant change in the writing or plot to knock my socks off.

Dry slaps: 1

I don’t get how Matt now has the ability of a dead dude. Please explain this one away!  I almost wanted to give this episode another slap for stealling the title from an awesome movie, but I’ll let that slide.

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