Heroes Season 3, Episode 15: Trust and Blood

This review contains major spoilers.

This review contains major spoilers.

So the plane went down, but who died? Well, no one. I wish  Heroes would just make me drop my jaw for once and kill off one of the recurring players. All of the heroes break off in different directions to avoid their pursuers. To cover up this transport plane crashing in the woods, the government decides to destroy the entire plane and make camp near the wreckage.

Matt, Hiro and  Suresh make haste to ditch their prison wear to evade detection. While Hiro and Suresh steal shirts from rednecks, Matt is led by the power of the deceased Usutu (how this is possible is still not explained) to draw visions of the near future.  These paintings (once again) split up the team and influence their future decisions.

The other fugitives, Peter and Tracy, have a different idea of what to do in the face of being wanted by the US government. After all the times they’ve been screweed over by Nathan, they think that they can still work out some kind of agreement with Nathan to save themselves.

While everyone else is being hunted at the crash site, Sylar gets started on finding his real father. So far, his only lead is one of the agents who attempted to ambush him. The neighbors come home to the commotion of cops securing the scene, but they have no idea who’s waiting for them in their own house.

The only people wh have skated from being caught are Ando and Daphne. Instead of thinking about a plan, which would have been smart, they just rush into a situation they have no control over. Nathan doesn’t even seem to have control over the situation because the lead hunter, Danko, believes this operation will find success if no sympathy is given to these “targets.”

Rate it: 3

This was another average episode. I think that Matt Parkman taking revenge on Daphne being shot was a great moment and Sylar is back at  his best, with a sidekick too boot!  I still think that there is higher for Heroes to climb, and I am not seeing what I want from this show.

Dry Slaps: 1

I’m tired of Claire being passed around like a hackeysack and I never seem to buy Claire when she’s talking tough. Hayden Paniterre can’t pull off a tough girl attitude.

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