Heroes Season 3, Episode 16: Building 26

This review contains minor spoilers

This review contains minor spoilers

Heroes likes to go in circles, doesn’t it? Noah Bennet, for instance, is back to lying to his family about what he does for a living. This is where we were at in season 1! Sure, now Claire is wise to her dad’s secret life, but someone like Lyle is still totally in the dark about everything. I don’t see why some characters ge to stick around with no chracter development!

Claire faires better than her adopted brother as far as character development goes. She gets to be part of the plot, but Claire always seems to end up back home. For this half of the season, Claire’s got her own mission, just like her dad does.  She’s working against Noah, following the word of the mysterious texter, “Rebel.” Claire’s out to save a young guy with abilitites from being apprehended by the government.

Hiro and Ando are in India, for  some reason. Again, Heroes goes around in circles. Just when Hiro and Ando are part of the A-team, they get shuffled off  to go do some nonsense. Maybe this journey to india will lead to something greater

Back at building 26, Abby Collins shows up to wreck Nathan’s whole operation. Abby’s under the impression that Nathan is lying and that all of these people with abilities don’t really exist. I wonder why someone wouldn’t just have video evidence of these abilities in action to shut her up. Without some proof that this operation needs funding, Collins will shut Nathan down.

I’d just like totake a moment to note that Sylar road-tripping with his “little buddy” is solid gold! This was my favorite part of this episode. I really think that Sylar should get his own show. I just like the Sylar character, even if he’s a sicko.

“Building 26” ends in the Bennet home. I did say that Heroes goes in circles, but the family dynamic of the Bennets has finally had a big shake-up. They could bring all back again, having the Bennets once again sitting together at the dinner table.

Rate it: 3

Hereoes is still running along at a steady oace, but there isn’t anything extraordinary to note.

Dry Slaps: 0

I don’t think there was anything I felt was offending to ny eyes or ears.

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