Heroes, Season 3, Episode 25

So another season of Heroes has come to an end, so what have we learned?

1. The Petrelli family is FUCKED UP.

2. Firing producers doesn’t necessarily improve the quality of a show

3. According to Heroes, comic book geeks have never seen even a remotely attractive girl in the wild.

4. Hiro and Ando STILL can’t catch a break.

5. Rebel’s the lonliest hero of all

6. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Then betray them.

7. I cannot tell if Byran fuller helped this season at all.

8. I don’t know if Bryan Fuller can save Heroes with season 4.

For our season 3 finale, Sylar is ready to steal the president’s identity, with only a few heroes left to put an end to his plan. Hiro’s triumphant return to herodom ended with a really, really bad nosebleed,  some of the petrellis get stopped by agents on the way to the rescue, and Danko gets set up by Sylar.

At this point, no one is prepared to take Sylar head-on, but Peter and Nathan decide to do it anyway; Matt Parkman, who may be able to use his powers to at least slow Sylar down. What does happen was quite a shock to me. The death of Nathan Petrelli made me sit up when the reality of it set in, but it also feelt unecessary.

I think that it’s the most ridiculous death since Arthur Petrelli died in such an easy fashion. During this episode’s big fight, I realized another ridiculous thing: Sylar’s mimicry ability either mimics clothing, or it doesn’t. Sometimes he has to put on clothes, while at other times he doesn’t. Be consistent! I went off in another direction there, sorry.

So Matt Parkman shows up to do  what Angela Petrelli had dreampt he would do. The problem with Angela’s dreams, as she’s said in a previous episode, is that her dreams are up for interpretation. So although Angela Petrelli believed that Matt would save her son, it turns out that the truth is a lot more complicated than that. By complicated, I mean that Nathan’s throat has been slit and he’s dead. As far as I know, Matt’s mental abilities don’t extend to raising the dead.

Let’s examine Nathan Petrelli’s death again. Nathan Petrelli has died once before. What brought him back to life again? His daughter! With his daughter’s blood able to bing him back from the brink of death, why not do so again? Am I missing a crucial point in Heroes history that makes this no longer possible. Drip some blood on that goddamn corpse!

Rate it: 3

Great fight betweeen Sylar, Nathan and Peter, even if it wasn’t realy on screen. I think that the Nathan Petrelli character being killed off is, again, useless, but some of these characrers do need to go away in some fashion. Adrian Pasdar is a pretty good actor, so I would have wanted peter to die if I had the choice, but at least Pasdar will show up on the show in season 4.

How sylar is finally “killed” is also worth noting. I wanted to know how they would tell any more stories if Sylar continued to get closer to  invulnerability. To have him mentally trapped, thinking he is someone else, at least gives the show some time to tell other tales.

Dry Slaps: 2

I know Heroes has made a habit of revealing scenes from their next volume after the finale, but the scenes from next season aren’t exactly insiring me to watch another season. I can’t say that it’s easy for me to stop watching a show if I’ve given it so long already. I did give up Smallville, though, so Heroes needs to move up from here, not wallow in stupid mediocrity.

The second slap across the face goes to not including the other Heroes in the battle again. Can someone other than someone related to the Petrelli clan save the day? What the hell? Heroes needs its Hiro, is all I’m saying.

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