Primeval :Season 4 overview

Barry did shout out for reviews of Primeval and I cried off saying I probably wouldn’t follow it anymore. Well guess what? I watched the whole caboodle so I think it’s only fair to give a summary of what the Season for those that missed it but might flirt with the idea of watching it on ITV4 on a rainy afternoon. Which I’ll keep as spoiler free as possible.

The short version is that the series starts rather weakly with Connor and Abby inital intriguing fight for survival turning into a routine empty space with rampaging dinosaur in it that is in essence the Primeval premise.

What this seasons does after that though is insert a human presence above and beyond the Helen Cutter antics we’ve been used to. There are nods to the human effects of the time travel, to the past and to the future. This is the season where Primeval wakes up, maybe grows up a bit and it’s all the better for it. Most notably there is a development of a more adult nature of death with the show  actually killing a child identification character though in a typically bloodless way. They even acknowledge the loss which often seems to be absent in Primeval – people just get eaten and forgotten normally.

We also get very welcome additions to the cast in the form of Alexander Siddiq as a private-public sponsorship ‘Dragon’ type in which he is brilliant. (Not on a  par with his ‘Spooks’ turn but then what is?) The ex-Squaddie team leader Matt starts off a little stiff but is given some heavy lifting as the show progresses and does it admirably.  Jess performs the difficult job of the plot explanation person in head quarters well with a nice little crush sub-plot. She is also to use a Dr Whoism ‘one for the dads,'(and of course lesbian mums) niche that as Claudia Brown has exited stage left and Hannah Spearrit is doing mean and moody as a gun totting creature capturer ‘ Cutter of course filling the same function for the Mums and gay dads… (oh hang on I’m going to put this conceit down somewhere and walk away from it, let’s never speak of it again. )

Add a couple of blasts from the past and it all shapes up to a very enjoyable season which delivers nicely.

Of course I will have the odd world building niggles. The new non-fatal guns are great – but can’t the arc afford a sling or lanyard to stop them being lost. Furthermore can’t be put a extendable stock on the rather heavy-looking pistols if only to spare Abby’s arms? A uniform might be nice even if it’s only a plod cap and armband because citizens of the ARCiverse seem very calm about gun-toting zoologists turning up….but these are minor niggles.

And if they ever re-invent the Professionals I think Hannah Spearritt would ably fill the Martin Shaw role her acting has really come on.

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