Psychoville Review


Hello boys and girls, are you sitting comfortably? Well you won’t be after watching Psychoville.

Even though, in various interviews, the creators ofPsychoville’ (Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith) have stated that their new TV show was intentionally *not* designed to be the same as their previous critically-acclaimed TV show ‘The League of Gentlemen’, be warned – you may not enjoy this new show if you didn’t enjoy LoG. If you did however, read on – because I am a firm fan of both and want to share the joy.

Psychoville is similar to LoG with its dark, creepy and squirm-in-your-seat sense of brooding humour – but its lighter in tone, with more of a striped down cast (not in a naked Uncle Harvey and Auntie Val kind of way, but in a much smaller cast kind of way) and more realistic characters in 5 modern urban settings (well, 4 urban settings and a creepy Hammer Horror looking house in the countryside).

The main characters, in brief, are creepy as *&^%. All of them. But in very unique and intriguing ways.

David – a serial-killer obsessive who lives with his mum and is a little too close to her

Mr Jelly – a hearse-driving, (literally) unhinged children’s entertainer with a psychopathic level of jealousy for fellow clown, and rival, Mr Jolly

Joy – an ironically named midwife who lives very happily with her subdued husband, doting on their baby (doll) called Freddy Fruitcake…riiight.

Robert – one of Christopher Biggins’ pantomime dwarves. At first glance he appears to be the most normal of the main characters – until you realise he has full-on telekinesis, and a dodgy past in dwarf porn :/

And finally, Mr Lomax – an overbearing blind ‘millionaire’ intent on completing his Holy of Holies….

A nod must be given to the acting support which comes from King of Panto himself  Christopher Biggins, Dame Eileen Atkins and a large array of good stock British character actors.

To wrap up, I was creeped out as much as I was laughing with several hand to mouth ‘omigod’ moments and was really impressed by the slick production values, solid direction, impressive make- up and just very happy to see Shearsmith and Pemberton back on TV and back on very good form.

Psychoville is showing on BBC2 on Thursdays at 2300. Previous episodes can be caught on the BBC iPlayer

GS Reviewer: Iz

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