Sanctuary – Pavor Nocturnus Season 2, Episode 5


A dazed and confused Magnus wakes up in a decimated Sanctuary, further investigation reveals that the surrounding city has also been destroyed. After investigating her surroundings Magnus is attacked by a human like creature and is rescued by two armed men. She is taken to a nearby building where after suffering further indignities is introduced to their leader who is none other than Will who angrily tells her that Helen Magnus died three years previously…..

I’ve got one word to describe Pavot Nocturnus – Bleak

On the whole from the opening scene to the closing credits this episode doesn’t put a foot wrong. What could have been an average episode in the mold of I am Legend or 28 Days Later is elevated to new heights by a stunning central performance from Amanda Tapping.

When I first started to watch Sanctuary I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was just watching Carter from SG1 with a funny accent but Amanda Tapping has done an excellent job brining Magnus to life especially in this second season.

The first 15 minutes in particular are pretty relentless and the scene where Magnus is stripped and hosed down is very uncomfortable to watch.

A special mention also has to go to computer generated backgrounds which are amazing all the way through this episode, the city scape was particularly good, maybe it was because the colours were muted being mostly greys and blacks but in my opinion they have never been better.

Once again the relationship between Magnus and Will is great and the show is never better than when the two of them are on screen.

Ok if your being picky the explanation in the last couple if minutes of what is actually going on doesn’t really live up to what has gone before but I for one was willing to over look that.

The second season of Sanctuary continues to go from strength to strength – love it !!!

Only two things remain a mystery to me

Why is Sanctuary tucked away on ITV4 on Monday nights ? And what the hell was going on with future Will’s Billy Ray Cyrus hair ‘cut’

Rating 4/5
One dry slap for the ‘Willy Ray Cyrus’ hair

GS Reviewer:
Nick Roberts

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