Spooks Series 9 – Trailer

Spooks is just one of those shows which I think has been consistently good all the way. It has great characters, fantastic acting and some great plots. It’s also one of the few shows that has the guts to kill off or replace main cast members like there’s no tomorrow. Every time they do it I think “I can’t see them getting anyone to replace [insert name]” but they always pull it off and then a series later I’ve forgotten who it was I missed.

Unlike a lot of similar spy shows Spooks leave me with the opinion whether the plots are far fetched or that being a covert operative is dirty and ruthless job that will leave it’s mark on the person and all of those around him and her. Of course that’s if they live to see start collecting their MI5 pension.

Spooks series 9 start tonight on BBC one and I can’t wait.

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