Supernatural Season 8 Episode 15 & 16 Review: “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits” & “Remember the Titans”

Sam-Castiel-Dean-supernatural-16744455-1280-800Another week and another double episode of the checked clad brothers of supernatural destruction.

Episode 15: “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits”

Sam and Dean respond to a message for help from an old cop friend.  However the message is actually from the dog/sexy lady familiar of their friend, who has become a witch/warlock.  James Frampton (played by Christian Campbell) is being plagued by dreams of himself committing horrific murders.  Sam and Dean work with Portia (played by Mishael Morgan) to try figure out what’s going on.  It turns out James is being set up by his friend and fellow witch Spencer, driven to revenge by his jealousy over James and Portia’s relationship.  After a heated battle the brothers manage to kill Spencer using a spell from Bobby’s notes.  James and Portia decide the risk of the police case against James and the community turning on him is too great and leave.

This a pretty fair stand alone episode.  No links to the overall mythology other than Dean still offering to jump in and do the trials ahead of Sam.  The humour in the episode is pretty good and stems mostly from Dean trying to get his head around the relationship between Portia and James, namely that Portia can be a dog and a lady.  It’s a smutty kind of humour here and even the title of the episode plays to that but the skill of Jensen Ackles and the writing means it comes across as genuine and warm.  Not a great episode but ok.


Episode 16: “Remember the Titans”

A man is hit by a car, frozen solid and has his guts eaten by bird, gets up and walks away…Sam, Dean and the Sheriff investigating the case believe it’s a case of Zombie-ism but it turns out far more classical when it is revealed the man is actually Prometheus, cursed by Zeus to die every day.  The case picks up the stakes when it turns out Prometheus is the father to a young boy, unbeknownst to him and has inherited his father’s condition.  Sam and Dean, Prometheus and the boy’s mother confront Zeus in attempt to get him to lift the curse but through manipulation he has the group where he wants them.  Thanks to an instinct from Sam, Zeus is stopped by his own daughter, who has a secret love for Prometheus.   While the curse is lifted and Zeus is stopped, Prometheus dies for the final time.  While the case is over and the boy is saved, it seems Sam is suffering the affects of the trial.

Another stand alone episode and once again is a good episode but not great.  It’s an intriguing story, the early jokes in the episode bring the humour and the affects of the gods are pretty cool but ultimately it’s pretty standard and left my anxious to get back to the main arc and see the likes of Castiel and Crowley again.


Episode 15 Best Lines:  “She can stay the night”, “Pretty hot”, “They had sex”, “like phone sex?”, “Don’t hurt my face”

Episode 16 Best Lines: “Aim for the head”, “Dawn of the Dead on us”, “a real life Kenny?”, “Awkward”, “Xena wannabe”

Episode 15 rating: 3/5

Episode 16 rating: 3/5

Reporter: Steven Stone

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