The Big Bang Theory: “The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification” Review

This week we had Sheldon upset because his life expectancy was just short of the projected date that humans will achieve singularity, or the ability to put our puny brains into shiny robot bodies. To prolong his lifespan, Sheldon embarked on a health kick, including jogging with Penny and throwing out his regular food schedule to eat veggies. When that comes to it’s inevitable conclusion, he realized he might be a bit too fragile for this sort of thing. In the meantime, he created “Shelbot,” a video screen of his face on a moving frame. He sends his robot body out into the world while he stays safe and healthy on his bed.

Tonight’s main premise worked so well comically, and it reminded us why we love The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon’s virtual-self provided an adorable and shrewd sight gag ,surprisingly pervading the entire episode without feeling too constrained or hollow. This is credited to the power of Jim Parson’s presence even with a slight degree of absence, he beautified each moment with such unique charisma.

This episode gleefully capitalized on our investment into this fourth-year sitcom by referring to several inside jokes in the context of a new Sheldon-knocking on the door, Sheldon’s spot on the couch, Soft Kitty, and a guest appearance by  Steve Wozniak.

I think what grabbed me the most this week was Sheldon’s goofiness. I suppose a robot version of yourself will do that to a guy, but he was smiling! Well smirking, but still, he was practically giddy all episode long. And his nonchalance when what he thought was cholera turned out to be the predictable result of stuffing your body with too many veggies was hysterical.

Unfortunately, for the second straight week, The Big Bang Theory had difficulty giving the rest of the cast as interesting an arc as it gave Sheldon. Again Leonard and Penny simply acted as canvases for Sheldon’s chaotic and colorful humor. Raj and Wolowitz struggled to find balance to fend off Jim Parson’s one man show.

Still, a Sheldon-centric episode is hardly something to moan about.

Overall I will give this a 4.5 out of 5

GS Reporter:Kelly

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