The Big Bang Theory: The Desperation Emanation Review

THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Desperation Emanation”

This week episode has no appearance of Penny, because of this the tone of the show is slightly different, but this episode is not lacking a female presence.

Sheldon has been continuing his virtual friendship with Amy and it seems to be going well, right up until she asks Sheldon to meet her mother. A very panicked, Sheldon decides to go “off the grid”, even to go as far as to change the number on the front of their building. Leonard reminds Sheldon that she has been here before so of course Amy finds it with no problem. Sheldon tries to avoid her by making Leonard cover for him and even donning a disguise,

Amy catches Sheldon anyway. She explains that their ‘relationship’ would just be a ruse to appease her mother. This leads to a hilarious scene in which Sheldon enthuses about their fake sex life to Amy’s bewildered mother.

Meanwhile, Leonard is very lonely, He finds that everyone, even Raj and Stuart from the comic shop, have girlfriends which makes him very depressed. So, after some advice from Sheldon and Amy, he tries to pick up girls by posing as an Apple Genius bar worker. Of course this it doesn’t work so he ends up turning at Howard’s place invoking the girlfriend pact.

This leads to a double date with Howard, Bernadette and a crass, she is a very annoying woman and  It seems like a bust as Leonard is about to leave when she asks him to her cousin’s wedding next week. It has an open bar and she’ll be ‘giving it away’. So with the offer of ‘Free Sex’ even after this horrendous date Leonard agrees to go.

This was a strange episode. It felt odd not having Penny involved, especially as this felt like one situation where Sheldon would have welcomed her advice also the sudden mention of Raj’s girlfriend was a bit of a letdown. Hopefully we’ll meet her in future.

This episode was not one of the best and it definitely missed the presence of Penny but that being said it was still a very funny episode.

Overall I will give it a 3.5 out of 5

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