The Big Bang Theory: The Zazzy Substitution Review

After a disagreement over which is the more essential field Sheldon’s theoretical physics or Amy Farrah Fowler’s neurobiology–they call off their friendship. Though he denies any emotional attachment to Amy, Sheldon nonetheless worries his friends when he attempts to replace Amy’s companionship with several cats.

Of the three episodes featuring Amy, this is the first to show her interaction with Raj, Howard, and Leonard. Amy was blunt and elitist  like Sheldon, but unlike Sheldon, she had done nothing to bond with the group. Leonard went as far as telling Sheldon the others didn’t want to hang out with him if Amy tagged along.

Unlike the many emotional break-ups Sheldon and Amy’s stayed grounded in logic.  While a typical relationship would be threatened by an emotional impasse, Sheldon and Amy’s was threatened by their inability to respect each other’s professions.

By the time Leonard called in Sheldon’s mother Mary, Sheldon had bought twenty-five cats. Calling Amy to the apartment, Mary sat them both down and told them she disapproved of their relationship. Sheldon protested, pointing out how similar he and Amy were. I thought Mary would answer that two very similar people don’t necessarily make a good couple. It turned out Mary was using reverse psychology to keep Sheldon and Amy together. As much as Leonard disliked Amy, I thought he might squirm as he realized what Mary was doing. Instead, he approved. I guess he preferred Amy’s presence to being overrun by cats.

I am very curious where Sheldon and Amy go from here.

This is a very Sheldon centric episode again, I hope they dont just focus on Sheldon all the time. I think the character is great but we do need to see more off Penny,Leonard, Raj and Harold.

Overall I will give it a 4 out of 5

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