True Blood Season 3 Episode 7 – Hitting The Ground

In the latest episode of True Blood, Sookie rescues Bill from Russell Edgington’s house, after killing Lorena. The escape goes awry when Sookie allows Bill to drink from her. Bill doesn’t realise what he is doing and ends up drinking far too much from Sookie, resulting in her being taken to hospital by Tara and Alcide – her co-conspirators. While unconscious Sookie has a strange dream about a strange woman called Claudine who warns her that Bill will “steal her light”. All very interesting. Even more interesting is the fact that Tara kicks Bill out of the van and into the sun but he doesn’t burn…

Meanwhile, Sophie Anne is being kept in what looks charmingly like a birdcage but refuses to tell Eric what he wants to know about Sookie. Hadley, the queen’s consort, reveals that she is Sookie’s cousin, and Eric turns her into a vampire. Eric then rescues Pam from the Magister who marries Russell Edgington and Sophie Anne before being beheaded by Edgington who has grown tired of the “authority” the Magister operates under. Meanwhile, Sam rescues his brother from a dogfight and Jason becomes even more infatuated with Crystal.

What seems to be the main story of the episode is Bill’s accidental attack on Sookie. What it means for their relationship is unclear, but judging by the Sookie’s scream upon waking, all is not well with her. The other interesting element here is the introduction of Claudine who, in the books is Sookie’s fairy godmother, and asks Sookie to come to her home with her. It’s pretty clear she meant some other world, not a duplex in Bon Temps. This seems to be a story line that will be set up to slow burn and establish the next season of the show.

Another slow burner is going to be Jason’s relationship with Crystal. He is as infatuated with her as he was with Amy in season 1, but since this is happening so late in the season, it seems that this is going to be a story for Jason over the next season as well. Jason is still not learning from his mistakes, or to stay away from someone when they tell him to… Wonder when he will learn?

Sam, in a nice display of brotherly love, takes Tommy away from his abusive parents and the life of illegal dog fighting that he was subjected to. This just reinforces the idea of Sam as a truly good guy, the kind that lives next door but never gets noticed.

There is still not enough Eric in the show this week, and with the demise of Franklyn Mott the week before, we need our fill of handsome evil vamp. The idea of Eric turning Hadley has repercussions beyond annoying Sophie Anne, and this issue is sure to come up again and cause some complications. As is the fact that Russell Edgington killed the Magister. Frankly, someone had to do it; the Magister seemed to be more trouble than he was worth. It will be interesting to see which vampires hold on to their morals now that he is out of the picture.

Another solid episode of True Blood, and even though we had no Jessica, Terry, Arlene or Talbot and very little Lafayette, the episode did not suffer for it. True Blood is at it’s best when it focuses on the central characters and this is exactly what this episode did. The show is hurtling towards the season finale, can’t wait to see what True Blood will serve up next.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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  1. Red Five /

    I’m going to go all fangirl here and ask if you noticed Tara’s face when Sookie told her that a dead vampire would look much like Lorena did…do I smell return of the Mott??

    Brilliant episode, excellent amount of gore, and yes, not enough Viking for my liking…but he is still donning that charming sweater that shows off his muscles in all the right ways 😉 Squee!

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