TV REVIEW: Castle – Season 5, Episode 13 ‘Recoil’

FINALLY!  The shadowy Senator Bracken (played by Heroes Horn Rimmed Glasses Man, Jack Coleman) makes a reappearance in this weeks episode.

After teasing that he would be this years Big Bad at the end of last season, it has taken a while for him to reemerge as part of the story but tonight’s episode makes you glad that they waited for a while to bring him back into the mix.

Since Castle and Beckett got together, it’s felt like Kate has been able to put the obsession with her mothers murder behind her and move on with her life.  She’s been happy and a far cry from the woman on the edge that we saw at the end of Season 4.  But this weeks episode sees her having to protect the very man who ordered her mothers death after an attempt on his life.

This episode is all about Beckett.  Seeing her struggle with her feelings towards protecting the man she knows to be responsible for her mothers death is heart breaking.   Usually she sees things in black and white while Castle highlights the greys but this case in particular spins her moral compass. Stana Katic is superb, we are used to her playing the straight man against Castle’s clown but seeing her struggle with the her hatred of the Senator versus her duty as a cop shows a whole new depth to her acting.

The episode lacked the usual humour and wit of a standard Castle episode but did allow us an insight into the inner workings of one of this decades strongest female TV characters.

A dark episode with few light moments that casts a shadow on the life of Beckett.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Geek Adventure

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