TV REVIEW: Castle – Season 5, Episode 4 “Murder, He Wrote”


Read the title of this review again, it’s up there just scroll up a bit, do you see it? “Murder, He Wrote”. Never in the history of this show has there been a more perfect title than this. Transplant Nathan Fillion with Angela Lansbury and this episode could have been broadcast during Jessica Fletchers hey-day.

All the ingredients are there; an author on holiday, a murder (of course) and our hero/heroine working with the local Deputy. Except this time our writer has a very useful NYPD homicide detective in tow. I’m pretty sure our Ms Fletcher never got up to such shenanigans.

When a dying man stumbles into the back garden of Castles Hampton retreat, he and Beckett have to work with inept local law enforcement to solve the case all the while trying to kept their secret getaway secret from those back home.

There are a couple of nods to their blossoming romance, especially a chucklesome moment when Castle tries to work out their ‘Brangelina’ name (Rickate? Kateick?). If anything this episode shows just how well the pair work together as a couple and also as a crime solving team.

In what feels like an effort to give the supporting characters something to do, Ryan and Esposito are back in New York trying to uncover the identity of Becketts boyfriend. They even go as far as trying to get information out of Lanie, which results in her unleashing her fabulous withering stare. Note to writers of the show – PLEASE give Lanie more screen time, she is amazing! In fact, lets have a spin off show where she gets to disect bodies while issuing scathing putdowns to any cop that crosses her path…OK, enough with the Laney love.

Season 5 of Castle has so far managed to avoid falling into repetitive formats or the dreaded lack of chemistry between the two leads. As an advocate for shows ending after five seasons (that’s a whole other post), the standard of this season makes me just want more and more.

Note – Castle says a word in this episode, just one word, that will make geeks everywhere clap their hands with glee. No spoilers here though!

Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Geek Adventure

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