TV REVIEW: Castle – Season 5, Episode 6 ‘The Final Frontier’

castle_season_5_188u0ue-188u0ujA few episodes ago I was bemoaning the fact that the writers on Castle seemed to have forgotten the geekier element of their fan base.  I now realize that they had been holding back to unleash an all out assault of GEEK on their viewers this week!



The first ten minutes of this week’s episode caused me to emit strange squeaking noises of sheer joy.  A murder at SuperNovaCon sees Castle and Beckett dealing with the captain of a space drama with a rabid fan base that was cut off mid-way through season one (sound familiar?) and assorted aliens/fans as they try to find the murderer.

Along the way we discover that Beckett was a cosplaying girl geek at college, Esposito is a Bladerunner fan, Ryan is more a ‘sword and sorcery’ kind of guy and Castle does an epic Shatner impression.

There is a nice nod to female cosplay that may strike a chord with some geekettes and a couple of fan favourite appearances.  I won’t spoil the cameo spotting for you but be sure to keep your eyes peeled immediately after the opening sequence.

This episode, to me, embodies what makes Castle different from other glossy detective shows out there.  It’s sense of fun and knowing winks to the audience means that we as viewers feel close to the characters and part of the Castle family.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say……BEST. CASTLE. EVER.


Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Geek Adventure

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