TV REVIEW: Castle – Season 5, Episode 8 ‘After Hours’

Now that Castle and Becketts relationship is out in the open, it is time for that excruciating, cringe-worthy event that is a rite of passage for every couple. it’s time for the parents to meet.

The start of the episode does feel a bit contrived with Castle’s mum and Beckett’s dad managing to rub each other up the wrong way within minutes of meeting each other but the charisma of the cast, especially Martha, manages to steer it away from cliché.

Dinner (and the tension) is cut short by news of the murder of a priest and within a few short minutes our heroes are on the run from the mob, weaponless, without a phone and marooned in a less than desirable neighbourhood with a scared witness in tow.

This is the first episode which has shown Casketts relationship out of the honeymoon phase.  Doubts are cast over whether they belong together while coming from different worlds.  While the audience is screaming at the TV ‘yes of course you belong together’, they themselves begin to question it.

The danger in this episode felt like it could have been pushed a bit further.  With our main characters being isolated from everything they rely on including the other members of the team, the sense of danger could have been amplified instead it all felt a bit safe.  Even with a twist at the end, this was not exactly an edge of your seat episode but a solid one nonetheless.

Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewer: Geek Adventure

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