TV REVIEW: Castle – Season 6, Episode 10 ‘The Good, The Bad and The Baby’

I feel we should just take a moment and rename this episode ‘Three Men and a Baby’ minus the other two men I guess, OK maybe that wouldn’t work, anyway….

After scaring the beejeebies out of us with last weeks creepy and downright unsettling episode, the writers obviously got together and thought ‘we should do a light episode, what’s fun?  Pugs? Puppies?  I know, BABIES!’

While investigating the murder our dynamic duo become the unlikely guardians to a baby that they name Cosmo.  Castle is in his element, reliving Alexis’ childhood by pampering the tot while Beckett has to face her ‘not-interested-in-kids’ attitude.

I wasn’t too keen on this episode, it felt like a pretty formulaic story and it didn’t cover any ground that hasn’t been covered in countless other TV shows and films.  What it did do though was show once again, how good a team Castle and Beckett are.  By working together they get through their babysitting duties and even discuss whether or not babies may be in their future.

A mediocre episode that was saved by the chemistry between the two leads.  I really wish we could get back into some kind of story arc as at the moment it really feels that (apart from last week) the writers of the show are struggling to come up with a storyline that we can really sink our teeth into.

Rating: 2.5/5

Reviewer: MyBigGeekAdventure

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