TV REVIEW: Castle – Season 6, Episode 12 ‘Deep Cover’

If you have been following these reviews, then you will know that I have been bemoaning the lack of some kind of story arc this season.  I love it when our friendly neighbourhood serial killer, 3XK pops his head back up as it feels like there is a continuity to the episodes.  I realise that a lot of people watch this show as it is a fun way to spend an hour, to watch their favourite characters solving the murder of the week.  But as a fan, I like to think that the episodes have some kind of context, that there is a timeline in these characters lives and that each week informs their outlook or thoughts going forward.

So, now that I’ve had this rant, I was delighted when Castle’s dad popped up again this week.  This isn’t a spoiler as he appears in the first few minutes, the question is why?  We know from previous episodes that he is a spy so why is he in NYC and what does he have to do with the murder that Castle and Beckett are investigating?

Beckett’s natural cynicism means that she is much less trusting of Castle’s fathers motives than he is, which creates some tension between our soon-to-be-married couple.  Can someone who lies for a living be trusted? James Brolin’s natural charisma makes him a stellar choice to play Castle’s dad and I enjoyed every moment of this episode.  I’d love more of the same please!

Rating: 4.5/5

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