TV REVIEW: Castle Season 6, Episode 2 – “Dreamworld”

*Spoilers if you haven’t seen last weeks episode*

This week’s episode begins exactly where last week’s ended.  Castle has been exposed to a deadly toxin and has less than a day to live.  This knowledge spurs our dynamic duo into action: they need to find the toxin and the antidote, and they need to find it fast.

Knowing that the producers would never kill off their main character means that the audience always knows that Castle is never in any real danger. Even so, there are touching moments in here with Martha and Alexis. He is surrounded by women who love him and know him well.  If anything, this only highlights the fact that his father (who made a fantastic appearance when Alexis was kidnapped last season) is not around. It would be nice playing Castle against another strong man rather than him always being the alpha male in his life.

Saying that, I particularly like how the supporting characters are being handled at the moment.  With Beckett working in DC rather than New York, it would be all too easy to find some Ryan/Esposito carbon copies for her to work with.  But her partner and boss are not just copies and give another dimension to her struggle to save the man she loves.

There are seeds of doubt planted near the end of the episode about whether Beckett can live with the fact that in DC, the bad guy doesn’t always get brought to justice.  Is this foreshadowing her moving back to New York?  I feel that something needs to bring her back, as having our two main characters living in different cities would be problematic for more than just a few episodes.

All in all a solid episode, but hoping for something fun and comic next week.


Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: mybiggeekadventure

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