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crazyheadThere is a fine tradition of demon hunting and Howard Overman of Misfits fame is here to give us yet another offering. Crazyhead – in which we see 2 young girls fighting the demons hiding among us on the streets of Britain. Except that the world thinks both of these girls are crazy. One is trying hard to convince herself she’s not and the other is sure she’s not except that she is a little.

Amy (Cara Theobold – Downton Abbey) is one of the few people that can see the demons in people and is approached by Raquel (Susan Wokoma  – Chewing Gum) who shares this gift.Now that the demons know that Amy can see them, she is on their hit list and has Raquel to guide her through this dangerous new world, except that Raquel’s guide seems to be mainly wikipedia.

Amy is played wonderfully by Cara, who fills her with a real air of someone who is lost, trying to find their place in the world. Raquel, unfortunately hits all the tropes of “sassy black girl”. This is saved however , because despite myself her banter is brilliant and Wokoma’s delivery is practically perfect. There is also a scene where her sassiness is laid aside and her true vulnerability is shown. It was a very moving moment and showed range to the character that was needed to round her out. Tony Curran (who palyed Picasso in Dr Who) is fantastic but to say more would be practically a spoiler and we don’t do those.

Episode 1 has a truly terrifying beginning, an abducted girl in the boot of a car, clown faced kidnappers …..for about 2 minutes and then it reveals itself for what it is. A dark comedy horror show, I mean who expected urine before the credits. There is more to it though and the parallels to Buffy are going to be hard to miss, after all it is about love, friendship, and trying to find your place in the world. And if you couldn’t see the Buffy connection any more clearly there is a mysterious brooding demon that is more than he seems.

It is however only on reflection that these (admittedly quite obvious) connections occurred to me because whilst watching I was absorbed in this world that has a singular character all it’s own. Being Howard Overman’s creation it is of course going to be a little bit naughty, tongue in cheek and filled with great dialogue.

At the end of the episode, I had a smile on my face and a desire to see more. The next week teaser, took the smile of my face because it looked a lot more serious than the first episode but it did increase my desire to see it.

Here’s a clip to give you a feel for what you’re getting into

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