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The rumours we all have heard were confirmed while Dollhouse was on hiatus. The show has become the second Joss Whedon creation to be cancelled in its prime. Firefly fans will remember the feeling of loss when the show was cancelled, and the gap that it left, which the movie Serenity was only partly able to fill. Dollhouse fans can only hope the show is wrapped up while it is still on the air.

It appears, from watching episode 5, season 2 of Dollhouse that the show is being sent to a speedier conclusion than it might have had if it was to enjoy a longer life on air. The episode is part one of a two part storyline. Senator Perrin (Alexis Denisof) has been sniffing around the Dollhouse for some time, and in episode 5 he is reaching, what he thinks, will be the end of the road. Perrin has convinced ex-active Madeline Kosta (Miracle Laurie) to testify against the Dollhouse in a Senate Sub-Committee. The head of the LA Dollhouse, Adele DeWitt is convinced a game is being played and is determined to find out what. Echo is sent, as a call girl, to distract the Senator. As Paul Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett) attempts to get Madeline back from the Perrin’s home, to stop her testifying, it is revealed that Senator Perrin has himself been ‘modified’ by the Dollhouse.

Not only is the Senator Perrin storyline speeded up during this episode but we get a glimpse into another one of the Dollhouses that are scattered across the US. The episode is one of the most fast moving of recent times – instead of focusing on Echo’s mild fancy that she has been many people, and her slow realisation as to what is going on around her – the episode focuses on the workings of the Dollhouse as a corporation and hints at the notion that Rossum, the Dollhouse’s parent company, has much more control and fingers in more pies than audiences realised at first.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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