TV Review – Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 9 – Stop Loss

Victor (Enver Gjokaj)’s contract with the Dollhouse is terminated early in order to stop him and Sierra (Dichen Lachman) apart. This comes on orders from Rossum, the parent company of the Dollhouse.

Almost as soon as Victor, or Anthony – his real name, arrives in the real world, he is headhunted by his old military friends to be part of a battalion that operate on technology that allows them to have one thought between them, or a hive mind. Since Sierra has been left behind in the Dollhouse, she is pining for Victor, and with that in mind, she and Echo go to rescue Victor/Anthony.

In better circumstances, this episode could have been part of a double bill, which would have allowed Victor/Anthony’s transition from doll, to real person, to soldier to have happened in a less rushed way. At some parts of the episode, it feels as though the emotional parts of the story are being hurried along in order to get to the end. It seems that Joss Whedon et al were aware of what we have known for a while now – Dollhouse is to be cancelled – and they were trying to get past this ‘assignment of the week’ style episode in order to get to a point where Dollhouse could be wrapped up in a logical and satisfying way.

Of course, this episode of Dollhouse manages to end in a way that keeps the audience hungry for more – as a punishment for rescuing Victor and trying to set him and Sierra free to live their lives together – Echo is sent to the Attic by DeWitt. At the end of the episode we see Echo lying in a tank of blue goo, unconscious and covered in cling film. Just as we think this is the end, Echo opens her eyes. Does this mean she is as immune to The Attic as she is to everything else, or is there something larger at work here? The only way to find out is to keep watching Dollhouse.

For the first time, it seems to be a real shame that this show is to be cancelled at the end of this season. We are beginning to discover the secrets of Rossum, The Dollhouse and The Attic. Let’s just hope that the conclusion of this show is not rushed, is well thought through and an ending that a great show deserves.

GS Reviewer: Brogan Hayes

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