TV REVIEW: Falling Skies Series 1, Ep 7: Sanctuary (part 2)

I said last time the whilst I enjoyed Falling Skies‘ Sanctuary (Part 1) , the real test of any two-parter is not how it sets up but how it plays out. It is a lot easier, generally speaking, to throw a lot of stuff up in the air, than to catch them all comming down in a satisfactory way. On the other hand, you can front-load your part 1, leaving part 2 to be all relevation and action. So, how did it do?

That picture, right there, thats a problem.Because the story of Sanctuary is that the 2nd Mass’ kids have been kidnapped by the renmants of the 7th Mass, near-wiped out by the Skitters and now hunting down other surviving children to hand over in leiu of their own. Now, whilst I have reservations about doing a “collaborators” arc so early, it being from the big bag o’resistance cliches and all, its an issue the show probably had to address at some point, and making it come from a source they would otherwise trust is a decent idea to let some proper emotion stew out.

It didn’t need the “lets have a baby” subplot just to give the women something to do. I mean, surely we’ve got past the men going fightin’ and the women goin a’birthing? That and the recurring character death coupled with new life? Well I’m used to Falling Skies being a little prone to lazy writing but structurally it’s weak. And killing off Mike would mean more if he hadn’t been such an underwritten character to start with; the actor gives it all he’s got in the couple of decently sized scenes he has, but the script lets him down.

Gosh this all sounds very grumpy. Well, yes – aside from a few bright spots its a pretty predictable episode that tends to showcase more of Falling Skies weak spots than it’s strengths. It’s not bad – this show gets a fair bit of stick it mostly deserves, but it’s not a bad show, just one that doesn’t live up to the promise of it’s premise – but I could have done with it being better.

Still, next week we seem (finally) to be back on the main plot, and with 3 episodes to go maybe we’ll finally get some drive behind it.

GS Reviewer: Matt
GS Rating: 3/5

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