TV Review – Fringe Episode 13 Season 2 ‘What Lies Below’

Fringe does the infection/quarantine episode with its usual high standards.

Wow that was a quick review but plunging below the epidermis – what have we got?

The neat 30 second horror film before the title credits was punchy and effective.

The show didn’t bottle what to do with the Centre for Disease Control but made them part of the story and more importantly one with a human face. Often the lazy route of a ‘Mr Chin’ bureaucratic caricature is employed when another agency is brought into a show– but not in this case.

A story that again built on the Walter-Peter relationship left plenty of room for Agent Farnsworth, Olivia and Broyles; they all the characters got space and the player’s chance to display acting chops.

Beyond the Walter-Peter relationship Peter got to show his effective logical mind and problem solving abilities even when under the weather. Walter dilemma and concerns were the outstandingly played – even from a comic bit of kid terrorising at the show opening through to a fatherly terror when testing Peter for infection.

The general plot contained elements of Outbreak, the Crazies and countless other disease outbreak stories but didn’t feel like an inferior pastiche – rather it was great than the sum of it’s borrowed parts. Not bad for an hour of weekly serial telly.

With the merest thou of plot arch delicately placed on the top of the episode cake this episode delivered.

We could have perhaps had more flesh on the supporting cast of characters but then of course the pacing and focus would have suffered. All in all another big thumbs up for Fringe.

GS Reviewer: Andrew Clark

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