TV Review – Fringe Season 2 Episode 10 Grey Matters

Fringe rides a mythology juggernaut in this episode driving forward both character and overriding plot arcs like a HGV being driven at top speed by a cackling madman through a pedestrianised shopping centre 3 shopping days before Christmas. As usual I shall try and keep things vague enough to avoid direct spoilage but there might be some unintentional splatters. That’s of spoilage not Christmas shoppers.

The initial hook is a mental patient who survives uninvited, unofficial and untidy surgery – but with the surprising result of sanity. This leads to other instances and the mystery deepens. A chain of investigation reveals revelations regarding the perpetrators, victims and one of the leads that had and presumably will have long term consequences.

There is a banquet of acting delights with all the cast admirably managing their portfolio. Agent Farnsworth has a gain a little more meat to her part and we actually see some proper leadership from Broyles. The three principals all have a job of work to do with the demands of the plot and all hit sixes. The main adversary also makes a chilling impression in what is relatively little screen time. This is not only due to asking for to some superb ‘forward planning’ scripting which makes the person an admirable enemy I will be keenly anticipating seeing in action again.

In watching this episode I have come to a conclusion regarding the dramatic power of the Peter – Walter relationship. I think, certainly for us in or approaching middle age that their relationship sums up that uneasy time when the weight of responsibility in one’s relationship with ones parent seems to shift. Suddenly it’s not them looking after and out for you but seems to be the other way round. I might be reading too much into it but I think it might explain the resonance of it, at least for me. I’d be interested if this has occurred to other people as well,

And I actually noticed the score for once and in a good way. There is action at the end of episode that has been scored in a very Battlestar galactica percussive way that I thought really suited the scene with out going all Murray Gold and splurging over the action like a Razzle centrefold covered in baked beans.

Finally at the risk of going all Valley Girl ‘at the end, like…OMG!’

I didn’t see that coming.


GS Reviewer: Andrew

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