TV REVIEW: Killjoys, S1 E1 – Bangarang

Here lately, the SyFy Channel has been a little light on actual sci-fi, especially new sci-fi.

And spaceships have definitely been limited on all television, much to the chagrin of fans the world over.

But it looks like those dark days might be nearing an end. Defiance seems to be doing well, and Dark Matter was introduced last week. And there’s another new kid on the block too.

Killjoys, starring Aaron Ashmore, Hannah John-Kamen, and Luke Macfarlane, premiered in the US on Friday night (19 June).

Killjoys, from the producers of Orphan Black and created by Michelle Lovretta of Lost Girl fame, features space bounty hunters and a talking ship that already had fans of her (oh, yes, the ship is most assuredly a she) was anything but a buzzkill.

Right off the bat, it jumps into the action, not wasting valuable pilot time with set-up. There are few words said to introduce the two main characters, Dutch (John-Kamen), and John (Ashmore), but the ones that are spoken are more than enough, because the opening scene defines these two by deeds far better than dialogue ever could. We are shown, not told, what these two people mean to each other and what they do for a living, and that’s a wonderful treat.

Just a bit further on, the plot thickens, with old familial ties coming back to bite one of the star pair in the butt, which of course affects the other one, who is hiding their own demons. Again, actions speak louder than words on both parts and the adventure that follows sets up the third main character of D’Avin (Macfarlane) as a valid member of the team (for now) and adds a spark of possible romance to the show. Several other more minor players are also introduced, and somehow one gets the feeling we haven’t seen the last of the shady boss-lady, the estranged father figure, and the main competition.

The effects were plausible, the settings and the plot feasible, and most importantly, the characters believable. And there was snark sprinkled just liberally enough to season without overwhelming. Sounds like Killjoys just might have a winning combination.

Add to that a short but present theme song, cool music overall, some mysteries in the past, other bounty hunters out for the same scores, and just a bit of political machinations along with possible rebellions, and this show is one to watch.

The only drawback of Killjoys so far is the one common in all pilots. We just don’t have enough flesh on the bones of the characters yet to truly know if they will resonate. They’ve got a good start, but where will they go from here? So far, we only have a pilot (named “Bangarang,” by the way, which is fantastic and fitting) to go on, but if Killjoys can maintain this level of fun, it should do well.

No UK air date has been announced yet for Killjoys, but hopefully, it will arrive sooner rather than later.

GS Rating: 4/5 stars

GS Blogger: wabbit

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