TV Review – Merlin Series 2, Episode 10: Sweet Dreams

Thar be spoilers in these here deeps.

Peace treaties! I like peace treaties! Though the one guy seems less than the peaceful-type. Yup. I’m sensing we’ve rinsed off the Sophia storyline and are planning to use it again in another attempt to destroy Camelot.

Wow. Lady Vivian’s only been here but a few moments, and she’s already a brat. Ow. Insulting Gwen right off. Though Guinevere and Arthur have a nice laugh over it.

“Anyone insulting Gwen should do so at extreme peril.” Oh, adorable. Five minutes in and we’ve already got Gwen/Arthur AND Arthur/Merlin bonding. I do so love character moments.

Is it okay if I’m less than impressed with the jester? Though Lady Vivian seems extremely excited. How old is she, anyway? Whoop. Yeah, that was a less-than-innocent trick. Fantastic. More magic. I’ve got nothing against magic per se, but it always seems to be used against Camelot. More specifically, often against Arthur.

Is this a repeat of Sophia or something right out of Shakespeare? Lovesick!Arthur is rather amusing. Especially when he asks Merlin advice on girls. This is going to end so badly. Merlin thinks Arthur means Gwen, Arthur’s magicked to love Vivian, which means Gwen’s gonna get hurt. At least Merlin’s clear now.

Too late to fix it though. Gwen’s so happy it’s almost tragic.

Powwow with Giaus and Merlin. Merlin’s impressively on the ball with this one.

“It is destiny, my love. Destiny and chicken.” Thus begins the wooing with more of the chicken humor on Merlin. I’m having a laugh. Vivian’s having none of it, at least. Though I don’t expect that will do much more than slow the plotters, judging by the jester’s face.

Pouty Arthur is pouty. Which leads to a lock of hair found, which leads to the conclusion that Arthur’s enchanted, which leads to a counter-plan. I hope.

Well, the research for the counter-plan has begun, but it apparently involves more homework than a uni student gets during finals. Merlin’s getting good at this research thing. The trick is avoiding unpleasant side-effects.

Oh dear. Trickler, you slimy sycophantic jester. Vivian looks drugged. The love spell didn’t seem to change Arthur quite as dramatically as it has Vivian. She’s like some lovesick, deranged, hyperactive Roman citizen of old on drugs.

Arthur and Gwen is subtext that is more like a screaming siren with a large neon sign. If only the miscommunication weren’t bound to be so very painful. Hello, Shakespeare. Welcome to Camelot. Please leave.

Yup. Vivian. Drugs. Merlin, you should be glad it’s just you here. Now get rid of her. Not only is it awkward, but it’ll spell trouble if you don’t. Merlin, thinking fast, tries to talk her out of it, but when her psychotic mind won’t accept his pleas, he settles for a magical solution. He knocks her out and stuffs her in the armoire. Now, how to get her out of there.

Bad-king-whose-name-I’ve-forgotten threatens sycophant.

Gwen makes a gesture to Arthur, which I’m sure will make things worse because you *know* she didn’t sign it and therefore Arthur’s going to think it’s from Vivian.

Gwen, stop preparing. You’re going to get stood up.

Arthur climbing the castle walls. It’s something straight out of Romeo and Juliet.

Oh dear. Okay, guys. This is a kids show. Or so I thought. Merlin, your magic is failing. The goo-goo eyes are a little much. I’m not sure if I should be scared or laughing or in pain.

Poor Gwen. She’s so sweet, I hate to see her begin to harden.

Merlin trying to understand why his magic’s not working. Telling Uther won’t help ‘cause then we’d definitely have a war on our hands. So we just have to figure out how to disenchant them. Easy peasy. *sigh* Fantastic.

I realize someone has to explain things to Gwen, but Morgana seems awfully calm about it all. Absurdly so. Disapproving perhaps, but rather cavalier about it all. In any case, job’s done and Gwen’s upset. (Rightly so.)

Blah blah blah. Explanation and introduction of the tourney. Let’s get on with the fighting. Over goes the hourglass and fight go our knights. Arthur’s not doing too terribly, but he’s certainly distracted. Whoop. It seems I spoke too soon. He’s barely hanging in there. Ow. Saved by the gong. Yup, that’s a broken rib. Hilarious and creepy as heck: Arthur grabbing Gaius’s face and preaching love.

I hate the dragon, but making him laugh is sort of fantastic. Though he’s less help these days than when he was talking in riddles and working toward his own means. Merlin’s not often short-tempered, but I guess he has license to it today. And the spell will be broken with true love’s kiss. Shakespeare in Camelot with a touch of Disney?

Arthur’s so distracted, how is he still alive? He’s getting the snot beat out of him.

Merlin trying to hurriedly explain without explaining and trying to save Arthur’s life with a devastated and angry Gwen.

Back at the farm, Arthur’s still not doing well. Every time he gets a semi-decent hit in, his heart’s fake love distracts him.

How many times are you going to rescue Arthur this season Gwen? (That broken rib would make that dip almost impossible.) Spell broken, NOW he feels the pain. Though he seems to be suffering from some memory loss. Gwen is getting pretty good at these Arthur pep talks.

With his head in the game properly this time, hopefully Arthur will survive this tourney. Or, ya know, win it. That honor that’s been so helpful to him in the past keeps him from doing something stupid in which their worlds dissolve in war.

Arthur, you’re getting good at this apologizing thing. Gwen! A reference to Lancelot! Apologies on both ends and truths are spoken and it’s basically very sweet. Aw, way to succumb to traditional stations, guys. Just run away from difficult things.

Some people are happy with this ending. Others are not. Vivian’s still comically under the enchantment.

“What happened in the tent, stays in the tent.”  LOL.

Overall: I liked it. Heaps of it were ridiculous. The great gobs of the absolutely-bonkers-Lady Vivian were almost too much for my brain to handle, and the only remarkable thing about Morgana was that she was actually *in* this episode at all, but the character development was fantastic. I was concerned that they were going to push the relationship between Arthur and Gwen too far too fast in the beginning of the season, but this was nice. It’s development without moving at the speed of light. Character development and humor makes for a lovely episode. It’s still not the greatest episode on the planet, in my opinion, but it was good.

GS Reviewer: Pfennig

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