TV Review – Sanctuary: Season 2 Episode 7 Veritas

Sanctuary does a murder mystery in this episode. A key character is murdered and another is firmly in the chair. Discussing this without spoilers is going to be hard so consider yourself warned.

The drama builds nicely with a Triad of investigating psychics brought in to drill the lead suspect. The reason for a team is that they are not infallible and that forms the pivot on which the subsequent plot turns.

I’ve been dipping into Sanctuary throughout Season2 and have generally enjoyed it. I did enjoy this episode – the acting and the mechanics of the plot generally worked well. However what did cause me problems was the resolution and the subsequent reveals.

The ‘fakes a crime to catch a crook’ plot is a genre staple. It works well to create a mystery – why is a hero acting in a particular way? What are they up too? For good plot reasons when its revealed that this was done with the assistance of an ‘abnormal of the week’ it produces a bit of stale taste in the mouth. It’s totally reasonable solution to the problem of defeating the physics but feels just a bit like the over use of the sonic screw driver for this viewer. The second problem I had with the episode was the cheap death element – a murder which occurred was easily reversed and I can’t help thinking maybe a less earnest crime could have delivered the same plot without cheapening the threat of death in the show.

That said the story was well acted. Particularly the going loopy element. The relationship between the ‘big guy’ and Henry which ends on a classic ‘bromance’ scene.

I’ve noticed I don’t tend to give much credit to direction and soundtracks in my reviews. I think that’s because if it’s good I don’t notice it – it’s only when its jars I pick up on it. Neither presented any problems for me here.

I enjoyed it – it just left me a bit peeved.

GS Reviewer: Andrew Clark

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