TV Review – Sanctuary Season 2 Haunted

This is my first episode of Sanctuary that has featured John Durrit. The basic premise of the episode gives an opportunity to explore the relationships and demonstrate the resourcefulness of Helen’s team which is exploited very successfully.

The opponent of the week is manages to trap various pairings and each gets a moment or two to give some interaction between them, some advancing the saga, some more comic. It’s a device that seemed very Star Trek but somehow with the technology of Sanctuary being essentially that of our world it didn’t grate as much.

This is also blended with such common genre fare as air vents, trapped in lifts and closed environment with an old foe. Sanctuary seems to have strength for employing these time tested devices but putting a fresh spin on them or having the characters acknowledging the element of cliché with a reference to other media. This episode is no exception.

The antagonistic abnormal also manages to pull some quite nasty surprises out of the bad that keep this things tense and its eventual defeat comes at a heavy cost with, no doubt, long term consequences. The defeat also manages a pull on the heart strings.

There are moral questions raised by the nature of the enemy entity’s usual residence that the episode briefly but effectively acknowledges and that’s worthy of respect as well as enjoyment.

A conceit of having non-English speaking empaths cluing the audience to events via subtitles while the likes of Henry and Will can’t understand them is a good device that enhances tension and moves the plot along.

I haven’t mentioned before is the direction of sanctuary. The use of ‘24’ split screen for key moments is nicely done. The general camera direction can be a little flat and static (very conventional in TV terms,) but that little flourish helps liven it up – I can’t help but wonder if it comes in at script or direction stage.

All in all this is a fine and clever episode both on its own terms and in its place in a plot arc.

GS Reviewer: Andrew Clark

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