TV REVIEW: Stitchers – S1, E1 – A Stitch in Time

ABC Family are not overly known for their sci-fi series, though they did bring us “Kyle XY” back in the day and now they’re bringing us “Stitchers”. So what’s it about, the upshot is, a young woman with a cognitive issue called temporal dysplasia (no concept of time) gets recruited into a secret government agency to investigate murders. How? Well she’s stitched into the dead victims minds to look at their memories first hand.

Stitched you say? But how? Oh easy, they put her in a silly skin tight latex suit, shove her in a giant fish tank with a headset attached, and boom, her mind is stitched into that of the victim. From within she can see their memories as though she were there with them. And so goes the overall premise of the show. Time-travel / detective show, how original.

Lead actress and Stitcher agent Kirsten (Emma Ishta) is good in the role, though some of her material is terrible. The script is staggered at times and thick with verbiage at others, sort of reminiscent of “The Gilmore Girls” in that it’s verbally heavy. The cast are good, though the witty repartee of the male stitcher techs was – at times – truly groan worthy.

Stitchers ABC Family premiere episode review

Main character Kirsten – Or as I like to call her Hudson Leick & Sutton Fosters love child.

From its opening to its closing credits I was thinking one thing “do I like this, or hate it”. I’m still not sure to be honest. “Stitchers” episode one opens the door to what could actually be a pretty great show, if they can manage to slow down the silly and give the investigation stories more depth. Given the overall likability of the cast, this definitely should get the three episode rule applied, that is, watch the first three before making up your mind. That’s what I’ll be doing, mainly in the hope one of the side characters gets recruited also (I won’t spoil). One to watch.

Geek Syndicate Geek Connection heads up: “Stitchers” stars Allison Scagliotti, that’s Claudia from “Warehouse 13” in case you didn’t know. She’s not the main character, but it’s nice to see her working again. Also Salli Richardson-Whitfield stars as the agency boss, that’s Allison Blake from TV series “Eureka”.

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