TV REVIEW: Supernatural Season 8 Episode 17 & 18 Review: “Goodbye Stranger” & “Freaks and Geeks”

Sam-Castiel-Dean-supernatural-16744455-1280-800Supernatural is back for another double header and we see the return of Chrissie (from season 7), Crowley, Castiel and Meg!

Episode 17: Goodbye Stranger

We join Dean in the middle of hunt when he is brutally attacked by none other then Castiel!  Dean is no match for the angel, who brutally slaughters him…It’s not the real Dean, but it seems Cas has been drilled by Naomi into being able to kill Dean – something which he appears to be good at as we see hundreds of dead Deans!

Onto the story and a series of grisly deaths lead Sam and Dean find that the victims have all been recently possessed by demons, demons who are looking for something.  After a demonic attack the boys are rescued by Cas who reveals he is responsible for the deaths.  He claims to be after the other piece of the Demon tablet, but this is a lie on the instruction of Naomi and the real target is the Angel tablet.  After some shiftiness by Cas they trace the source of information on why the demons are digging around to Meg, who has been a prisoner of Crowley since the end of last season.  The rescue Meg who reveals that is the Angel tablet that everyone is after.  The group gather together to find the Angel tablet and we see Meg and Castiel reminisce over the “pizza man” incident.  Cas reveals that Sam is damaged in ways he can’t even fix.  Meg and Sam deal with demons while Dean and Sam go after the tablet.  Dean recovers the tablet but after being reluctant to hand the tablet to Cas, Naomi orders Cas to kill Dean.  A brutal beat down ensues but Cas snaps out of Naomi’s control in the nick of time.  Cas gets the tablet and flee’s, protecting it from both Naomi and Dean.  Crowley shows up and while the boys escape, Meg is killed by Crowley.

We are back to the arc of the season with this episode and all the better for it.  Nothing is truly better then seeing the boys with Castiel and the wicked Crowley (even if only briefly).  We get the bonus of Meg as well played brilliantly by Rachel Milner.  Milner brings the wicked but sexy humour with her interactions with Castiel.   It’s just a shame that appears this is the end for Meg, she is a character I will truely miss.  The episode certainly doesn’t hold back on the violence here and while Supernatural has never been PG, even I was a bit taken a back by Cas’s brutal treatment of the false Dean and then the real Dean.  I can imagine “Destiel” fans crying at the scene’s.  I have to say I would like to have seen more of the “Megstiel” relationship, maybe in season 9 she may come back – after all in the Supernatural world ‘dead is never dead’.


Episode 18: Freaks and Geeks

A typical American scene of two teenagers making out, only to be interrupted by a bloodthirsty vampire.  However the scene does not play out as expected as the teens are a set up and kill the vamp.  The string of vamp victims combined with CCTV footage of the aforementioned vampire death bring in Sam and Dean.  Dean recognises  Chrissie played by Madison McLaughlin, the hunters daughter we saw in season 7.  It turns out that Chrissie and two other teens have been taken in by Victor, a hunter who believes that the next generation of hunters need to be better then the last.  He does this by recruiting the teens who are athletes, intelligent or leaders and whose parents have been murdered.

However it turns out that Victor set up the deaths of their parents by being in league with a vampire.  He then sets up easy kills for them to get their revenge and become a part of his philosophy.  Sam and Dean figure out the ruse and in a dramatic confrontation, the children reject Victor’s philosophy however rather then him suffering a life of loneliness, Victor kills himself.   Sam and Dean leave the trio, one being nearly 18, to look after themselves although Dean does say he will send Garth to check on them from time to time.

This is a pretty good episode and Victors idea of the next hunters being the “best of the best” is certainly one that makes sense.  Smart, educated and skilled hunters could live a normal life as well as “the life” compared to the nomadic, alcoholic and psychologically damaged current hunters.  It’s certainly a subject that would be good for Supernatural to go back to.  The performances are good with Dean and Sam being the usual solid selves.  Nothing really is added to the overall arc but it’s always good to have a stand alone episode after the continuity packed previous episode.

Episode 17 Best Lines: “Spear of Destiny? What is this? God’s toothpick?”, “He put’s the ‘ass’ in Cas”, “I can still hear you, I’m a celestial being!”, “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”, “What’s with the hair?”, “Hi I’m Meg, I’m a demon!”, “I know why Crowley calls you ‘moose’ now”, “Do I look like Google to you?”, “Megstiel”, “You lost my favourite chew toy”, “Shut up Meg!”, “Touch me wear my bathing suit goes”, “Timone and Pumba”.

Episode 18 Best Lines: “G Man”, “hunt monsters with the Apple Dumpling gang”, “Usain Bolting into”, “We’re not the X-Men”

Episode 17 Rating: 5/5

Episode 18 Rating: 4/5


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