TV REVIEW: Supernatural, Season 8 – Episodes 7 & 8 – ‘A Little Slice of Kevin’ & ‘Hunteri Heroci’

Sam-Castiel-Dean-supernatural-16744455-1280-800It’s Winchester time! The boys are back with two amazingly great episodes as season 8 continues.

I’m going to do something a bit different with the reviews this week. Instead of the usual blow by blow account, I’m going with summaries of the plot points and a bit more opinion.  If you like it, let me know in the comments section, if not – let me know in the comments section!

Episode 7: A Little Slice of Kevin.

Finally we are back to the arc of the series – Kevin and the tablet and the battle of heaven & hell that surrounds it.  Here we have the dastardly Crowley who has captured Samandriel/Alfie to reveal the locations of future prophets.  Crowley has them taken in an attempt to read the Demon tablet.  Meanwhile, our favourite angel is back from Purgatory, that’s right folks – Cas is back!

Unfortunately he doesn’t remember how he got back, but we learn that he was rescued by angels, in particular the new player on the scene – Naomi (played by Amanda Tapping).  Through bad judgement on Mother Tran, Kevin is kidnapped by Crowley and also tortured but is rescued by the boys and Cas.  We see in Purgatory it was not Cas that gave up on Dean getting him out of Purgatory, but rather he pulled away and wanting to stay in Purgatory as penance.

In the end, the demon tablet is now in two pieces – one with Cas & the boys, the other with Crowley, Kevin is down one finger and Cas has to report on the Winchesters activities without any memory of ever doing so.

This is a great episode, while Supernatural does great stand alone episodes they really have strong arcs full of mystery and this is proving to be one of the best yet.  The combination of the brothers with Castiel just makes for so much humour that is missing from a lot of shows out there.  Misha Collins is such a talent as Castiel and with the most deadpan face can deliver the most hilarious lines.  He acts as a real contrast to the emotional Sam and the jokey but gruff Dean.

The second great addition is Crowley.  While the Yellow Eyed Demon had mystery with menace and Lilith was creepy as hell, Crowley is evil personified – meaning that he draws you into liking him, you find him funny, you could even hang out with him – then he blows up a person without a second thought.  Mark Sheppard plays Crowley as the double dealing businessman with the sadistic streak to perfection.

The flashbacks to Purgatory/Sam’s year off continue and they are great in slowly revealing what happened to the brothers in the gap between seasons.  It is a genuine plot device to weave another web of mystery and works far better than last season’s version of showing the same scenes over and over again.  The style of season 8 is clearly marked by Jeremy Carver taking over as showrunner.  While I don’t jump on the bashing Sarah Gamble train, I have to say I am preferring this style of storytelling compared to Season 6 & 7.

Best Lines: “And they poo-poo climate change”, “I lied, I do that”, “I got her super motivated”, “Casual Encounters…no questions asked”, “Save the Hallmark”, “Are we in a spaceship?”, “I’m Bi-Curial”, “Presumptuous twit”, “All sexy West Side story”

Episode 8: Hunter Heroci

It’s Looney Tunes folks!  A series of bizarre, cartoon like deaths lead Sam and Dean on one of the strangest cases they have ever encountered.  Also in the mix is the newest hunter on the block – Castiel!  Our favourite trenchcoat-wearing angel decides to become a hunter, much to the amusement of Dean and Sam.  Cas proves extremely useful as a hunter – being able to smell victims conditions down to the molecular detail – although missing the obvious sometimes.  It turns out that a friend of their father’s, Fred,  is responsible – albeit without his knowledge.

A powerful psychokinetic with dementia-like condition, he is being used by the doctor at his care home to commit impossible robberies with unfortunate victims caught in the radius.  Cas and Sam get through to Fred, who gains control again and stops the doctor.  We see the mysterious Naomi who only wants Cas in Heaven when she calls. Cas ends up curing Fred of his abilities and watching over him.  We also get to see more of Sam’s year off and just as he is settling with Amelia and winning her father over, they find out Amelia’s presumed dead husband is actually alive.

Another great episode here.  You take a show that’s live action, a drama with serious issues, action, love, family and friendship mixed with ideas of religion and faith – and then you make an episode where people’s hearts fly out of their chest, they get crushed by anvils, interrogate cats and Latin translations appear next to them as they engage in a chase.

You do something like that with any other drama show out there and it would be cancelled. It wouldn’t work, but for Supernatural it does – it is believable.  They believe it, you believe it. In a way it is a comedy episode but it works so much better than when the X-Files did comedy episodes for example.  I’d love to see CSI: Miami try something like this.  The episode certainly ranks up there with “The French Mistake” and “Changing Channels”.

Rating – Ep 7:
Rating – Ep 8: 5/5


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