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I don’t have many memories of television as a kid that I’d consider being noteworthy. The first time I saw the Adam West Batman movie on an Easter Sunday and lost my mind that all the bad guys had teamed up. Seeing Adam and the Ants on Tizwaz and for the first time in my life NEEDING an album. Cleo Rochos on the Kenny Everett show making me realise that perhaps not all girls were smelly and stupid.

And V.

You see the thing with V was that is was televised as a two parter during a childhood caravan trip, and my parents made the most the fact we REALLY wanted to see it to load us up with sweets and take a two hour break to the caravan site’s bar. Something about the fact we got to stay up late to watch it alone, without any adults, and in a strange place really seemed to make it that much cooler, so as a result it’s always been a favourite of mine.

So when I heard they were doing a remake I was both nervous and exited in equal measure. It turns out, from the pilot episode at least that my fears were unfounded.

In short, I loved it. The basic premise is still the same. Aliens arrive and insinuate themselves into our society and are seen as our saviours by some, and a threat by others. As a sign of the changing times, the obvious references to Nazi’s seems to be played down in this version and instead the manipulation of the media seems to be the main focus. One scene in particular where the alien leader, played very coolly by Firefly’s Morena Baccarin, agrees to a one on one interview plays this unsettlingly well. It is also insinuated that alien sleeper agents have already been here for a while which is a new twist and does give you that fun “Who can you trust” feeling.

If you’ve seen the original you of course know the visitors big secret and like me you’ll be waiting in hope that a guinea pig makes a cameo at some point as a throwback to everyone’s favourite scene from the 80’s version. You’ll also be hoping for a Marc Singer cameo at some point, even though his cameraman who was the main character in the original seems to have been replaced by a single mother FBI agent… which actually works a lot better than it sounds.

So after seeing this, all I could think was roll on episode 2! I just hope the quality of the pilot can last out for the proposed four episodes this year, and subsequent nine next year. If so, before too long I’ll have another V box set on dvd to sit next to my originals. Hell, we might even be in for a replacement for the sorely missed Battlestar Galactica.

Check out this four miute clip over on Sci Fi UK

GS Reviewer:Richard McAuliffe

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