V Season 1 Episode 10 – Hearts and Minds

Last week it looked as though V was destined to go the route of Heroes and be cancelled due to falling viewers, turned off by the incoherent and rambling story lines. Thankfully, this week the writers of V pulled their socks up and actually delivered a decent episode.

The premise of the episode, and the main story is that Erica and co hear that Anna is sending more super Vs to track them after they got rid of the soldier V. Things get interesting when Chad Decker turns double agent and runs between Anna and Father Jack, ferrying information. Anna decides to play the rebels at their own game and sends a shuttle full of dead humans for them to blow up – so it will look like a terrorist attack gone wrong. The gang figure out her ruse and go about clearing their names. The long and the short of it is that Erica is made the head of an Anti Fifth Column taskforce, which is what Anna seems to have wanted all along. As well as this, Erica is partnered with Agent Malik – A V. This is surely going to be an interesting partnership.

Rather than try and cram too much inconsequential and irrelevant information, plots and characters into this week’s episode, the brains behind V have decided to steamline the episode. And it is a good thing. The characters actually manage to evolve more as people when they are not running all over the place trying to foil evil V plots. Father Jack is being given the role of conscience of the group – which is unsurprising, seeing as he is a priest – and when he falls foul of Decker giving information back to Anna it seems to allow for the group to become what Hobbes calls ‘terrorists’ and take their fight up to the next level. This whole attack allows Anna to threaten to take the Vs away from Earth rather than endure another tragedy – which not only solidifies her position as ‘caring’ for humans, but also injects fear into the hearts of those who are the Vs, that they might lose the object of their affection. Clever old Anna.

Meanwhile, Lisa has fallen even more for Tyler and hurts him to proect him – she has discovered that the Vs are experimenting on humans, and that Tyler is on the list, so rather than let him join the Live Aboard Programme and be taken advantage of, Lisa breaks up with him.

Yes, this episode of V is the best that we have seen in a few weeks, but the problem is that each episode is still focussing on one small event, and does little to move towards the finale. There is very little sense of an overarching story line or the bigger picture, which so many shows benefit from. While this week’s episode is the best offering we have had from the V camp in a long time, it still feels that the show is missing out on the potential that it established in the pilot episode.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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