V Season 1 Episode 11 – Fruition

For the second week in a row, V has actually begun to live up to what we were promised in the early episodes of the show – a decent science fiction TV show. The show is still unsure as to whether it is going to follow the lines of Lost, 24 or a soap opera, but now it is managing to deliver some decent storylines while it sorts that out.

This week, the show focuses on the idea of manipulation. Anna manipulates her human worshippers by staging an attack on Lisa then threatening that the Vs will leave earth. At the same time she shuts Chad Decker out so that he will appeal to his viewers to beg the Vs to stay. Both ploys succeed. Lisa is being manipulated by her feelings for Tyler, and to a lesser extent, Erica. Hobbes is revealed to be playing both the V and human side of the battle – and is being manipulated into doing what the Vs want, by being framed again, this time for the attack on Lisa.

There are also a lot of revelations for the characters throughout the episode. The second person implicated in the attack on Lisa is discovered to be a scientist who has developed a virus that is lethal to lizards – in other words, to the V. Erica also learns that Lisa is a V, and Lisa learns that she is now immune to her mother’s brainwashing ‘bliss’. Ryan also learns that human emotions – the grief he feels at losing Valerie – mean pain as well as pleasure.

An interesting episode. The pace of the show has definitely changed, and it is clear that events are leading up to the finale. It seems to be only a matter of time before Lisa becomes a rebel along with Joshua and the humans, which will give the gang a great ally for the future. It is also interesting to see that Chad Decker is not the only human playing both sides of the game – Hobbes is following in his footsteps, but for a very different reason.

While this episode of V is great, and exactly what viewers needed to get interested in the show again, it seems as though a lot of this information, and action could have been spread through the season in order to keep the interest levels up, and to make the show seem less sluggish. Maybe now, with what we have seen through this episode, there is enough material in place to allow the show to continue for another season. Shame the CGI is still rubbish though – if the show is not able to create the special effects properly, one can’t help but wonder why they try at all. Surely it would be better to be more modest and do it properly? This may seem like a small issue, but when the actual people look fake, it is time to review the effects that are being used.

Whatever the outcome, the season finale next week should be more than explosive enough to keep audiences wanting more.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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