V Season 1 Episode 12 – Red Sky

A lot was hanging on this episode of V. Many viewers, who were disenchanted with the middle episodes of the show, have been holding out hope for a decent resolution to the season. Thankfully, we got it.

Erica and her band of rebels find a way to get onto the V ship and destroy Anna’s eggs – at the same time, Lisa reveals her true allegiance is to the humans, and not her own race. This is something that seems to go down well with viewers, we needed a strong V ally on the ship and in Lisa, this is exactly what we have got. Also, Lisa has a strong ally and friend in Erica who is sure to take her under her wing. Of course, there are going to be reservations about this, but it seems to be a positive move for the show to make. Chad Decker also learns the truth about what the Vs are doing to the humans in the Live Aboard programme. It seems that he is also going to move his loyalties away from the Vs. About time.

Valerie finally gives birth to her half human, half V baby – but she has been taken hostage by the Vs, so Ryan forces his way onto the ship to see her. Anna makes sure that Valerie does not survive the delivery, and in doing so, brings Ryan back to the V side of the battle. He has been lamenting his human emotions recently, and the death of his girlfriend is enough to push him back towards Anna and the race that he was fighting against. Also, Anna has his kid. Parents do strange things to protect their children.

Speaking of parents and their children. Anna’s reaction when she hears that all but 12 of her offspring have been destroyed is a great one. She lets loose a very primal scream, then wonders what is happening to her. Marcus tells her he thinks she is experiencing her first human emotion. Surely this is going to play a huge part in the second series of the show – which we now know it has been picked up for.

Father Jack speaks out against the Vs from the pulpit – even though the parish priest tried to dissuade him from this. It seems that people are finally turning against the Vs.

Many loose ends are wrapped up in this episode – the Fifth Column members aboard the ship are killed in the firefight that follows the destruction of Anna’s eggs. This doesn’t matter in terms of the story – we now have Lisa in that spot – but it serves to tidy up the show and kill of some of the characters that are not needed. The same goes for Valerie – she has served her purpose so it was better for her to be got rid of, rather than dragged out for the sake of sentimental attachment.

There is also plenty to look forward to in the next season – we have still not seen a V in their full natural form, this should be a good revelation, we have waited long enough for it. We have also waited a long time to see what the child of a human and a V would look like, we were denied this in the season finale, but there is sure to be a lot of focus given to this new child in the next season. The same goes for the fleet of V ships that have just reached Earth. There should be more than enough material here to fill the season.

Hopefully V has learned from the mistakes that it has made in this season and will try and make season 2 fuller and more rounded. While we are focussed on the New York rebels, it would be nice to see more of how the Vs presence is affecting the rest of the planet – especially since Jack said that people are worshipping the Vs instead of the Christian God. Some evidence of this would be good. Also, and this cannot be stated clearly enough, let’s hope that the show sorts out its CGI. We need decent effects before we see the Vs in their full natural form, and what we have seen so far will just not cut it.

Come on V, give us the second season that we deserve. We know you are capable of it.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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