V Season 1 Episode 9 – Heretic’s Fork

It seems as though V is aware that it is heading towards the season finale, and realises that it has to up the ante to keep viewers interested. This latest episode of the show is the least slow and drawn out one of late, but it still does little for the overall plot.

The episode finally focuses on Valerie and her pregnancy. This was the most promising sub plot throughout the show and it is about time that it was brought to the fore. Ryan and Valerie realise that the Vs are going to be after them and so go on the run with their V doctor. Of course Anna knows about the baby and knows that it could pose a serious threat to her and her species’ way of life, so she dispatches a super soldier to take care of the problem.

The issue here is that the super soldier is not really that super. He is easily taken down by Ryan and the gang. While the soldier is not dead, Valerie and her doctor go into hiding. Valerie stops Ryan coming with her because she does not forgive him for not telling her he was a V – fair enough – but you know that Valerie’s labour is now shaping up to be the focus of the series finale. The problem is whether we actually care enough to root for her to survive the labour and beat the Vs.

Meanwhile, Lisa is developing more and more human emotions. Erica is upset to learn that Tyler wants to join the Live Aboard programme – which, from what we have seen is little better than using humans as lab rats – and Lisa tells him to stay at home with his mother. That is not the behaviour of the Vs that we have come to expect. Again, this seems to be shaping up to be part of the finale, but it seems a little predictable already, and we are 3 episodes away from the end of the season.

Journalist Chad Decker appears to be shaping up to become a member of Erica’s band of rebels – he goes to Jack and tells him that he doesn’t trust the Vs. Lisa and Chad would be a great addition to the rebels; they know the Vs better than anyone.

Overall, the episode is slightly better than the more recent ones, but it still feels fat too long and drawn out for its own good. It was good to be introduced to the Vs who are bred to be soldiers, but they are not as scary as they should have been – another disappointment from a show that is just not able to deliver on its initial promise.

GS Reporter: Nuge

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