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This year’s coolest, bloodiest vampire movie, Blood The Last Vampire comes to Blu-ray & DVD on Monday 2 November 2009. The film was directed and produced by the impressive combined talents of Chris Nahon (Chasing the Dragon, Kiss of the Dragon) and William Kong (Crouching Tiger, Hero), and is based on the hugely popular cult hit anime series of the same name. Starring Gianna Jun as Saya and Allison Miller (Kings, Desperate Housewives) as Alice McKee this samurai wielding fight-fest is not to be missed.

Slick and highly stylised, this martial arts creation tells the story of Saya a young half-vampire, half-human, left to fight the demons that have invaded the earth. On the surface, Saya is a beautiful 16-year-old, but underneath that youthful exterior hides a tormented soul. When her human father was brutally murdered by Onigen, the evil lord of all vampires, when she was just a child Saya was bound by an oath to avenge his death.

After joining forces with a shadowy society known only as the Council, the troubled young halfling is dispatched to an American military base in Tokyo. In exchange for help in tracking down her arch nemesis Onigen, Saya goes undercover at the local high school to seek out and destroy her demon classmates… but gets drawn into an unexpected and unlikely friendship with a human in the process.

Armed with her trusty samurai, mastery of the martial arts and desire for retribution Saya faces her biggest challenge yet in a climatic conflict. The heroine must draw on her inner strength and super human skills to face her foe and protect her vulnerable human charge, as an intense series of swordfights leads her to the deadliest vampire of all.

This high-octane production fights its way onto Blu-ray and DVD on Monday 2 November 2009; Blood the Last Vampire is most certainly a cut above the rest.


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