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We’ve all been there… Seen that dark shape out of the corner of your eye? Heard that bump in the night? Got the willies looking in a mirror in the dark? Even entered that notoriously haunted place for a dare? We just love to be totally freaked out, so in honour of Icon’s creepy hit Paranormal Activity that did for insomnia what Jaws did for paddling in open water, and that’s out now on DVD and Blu-ray, we have compiled a few spooky myths and rumours – but are they fact or fiction?

Bloody Mary:
Beware saying her name three times in a mirror, or you could reveal an evil spirit. Bloody Mary is said to be a ghost or a witch, and is also described as a child-murderer, who appears in a mirror when her name is called three times – usually when you are in the dark and in a bathroom. In some versions of the legend, the summoner must say, “Bloody Mary, I killed your son!” or “Bloody Mary, I killed your baby.” Other versions claim that if you chant her name thirteen times at midnight into a mirror she will appear and the summoner can then talk to a deceased person until 12:01. The game is often a test of courage, and bravery as it is said that if Bloody Mary is summoned, she will proceed to kill the summoner in an extremely violent way, such as ripping off their face, scratching their eyes out, cutting their head off, driving the person insane or bringing the person into the mirror with her (charming). But if you are lucky and she doesn’t kill you, she could haunt you for the rest of your life!

Bermuda Triangle:
TV series LOST toys with the idea that there is such a thing, and Columbus wrote about it in his memoirs on how his compass acted strangely while sailing through it and he and a shipmate witnessed a strange strobe of light. It is understood to be a region of the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Miami, Florida, and San Juan and Puerto Rico, where planes and ships disappear off the map without explanation.
There are so many tales, include the famous 1962 one of a huge KB-50 aerial tanker en route from the east coast to Lajes in the Azores, but captain Major Bob Tawney, his eight-strong crew and the big tanker never made it there. There were reports of a an oil slick, suggesting that Tawney et al had crashed into the sea, but a report months later confirmed no such thing. They literally vanished. Others report clouds or fog that prompt strange things to happen. These weather effects were seen with the Philadelphia Experiment in which the USS Eldridge vanished and reappeared later miles away, with some of the crew men infused into the hull of the ship. In 1901 Anne Moberly & Eleanor Jourdain stepped into a mist to arrive at a time period before the French Revolution. Some say the mist and clouds are the key to time travel.

Covent Garden Tube Ghost:
He is said to have paced the tunnels since the 1950s, a tall man dressed in a frock coat, tall hat and gloves – and even frightened the station staff when he appeared in their staff room once. The ghost is supposed to be that of actor William Terriss who was fatally stabbed near the Adelphi Theatre in the Strand in December 1897. Terriss allegedly made frequent visits to a baker’s shop that stood where the tube station stands today.

The Goatman:
Half man, half goat, he appears on the side of quiet roads, often in the state Maryland, USA, with a shiny axe that he uses for chopping up teenagers. Rumour has it The Goatman is the result of a top-secret experiment using a goat by a local scientist, and approved by Washington, D.C. The experiment goes horribly wrong, turning him into a disfigured monster. As a result of this, The Goatman has a hatred for young, pretty teenagers and his goal is to kill them. His attacks usually occur when the victims are in the car, where he hacks at the tires so they can’t get away. The creature then drags them with him, deep into the forest, where he devours them.

Heathrow’s Gentlemanly Ghost:
Airports have seen their fair share of tragedies, and Heathrow is no exception. Apart from the grey-suited businessman in the VIP lounges who has been seen from only the waist down, another notorious ghost is the victim of the 1948 crash of a DC3 Dakota that crashed on approach during a foggy night with no survivors. Whilst the rescue crew worked to retrieve bodies, they noticed a man appear out of the fog. He asked them if they had seen his briefcase then faded before their eyes. The man was found among the dead. The man is said to still haunt the runway, often seen walking up and down the runway looking for his briefcase.

Ouija Board:
Known as a ‘spirit or talking board’ this flat board marked with letters, numbers, and other symbols is theoretically used to communicate with spirits using a planchette (small heart-shaped piece of wood) or movable indicator to indicate the spirit’s message by spelling it out on the board during a séance. One of the earliest records of the automatic writing method used in the Ouija board is in China around 1100 B.C. But it was at the turn of the 20th Century that William Fuld produced his own boards under the name ‘Ouija’. These boards enjoyed a heyday from the 1920s through the 1960s. In 1966, Fuld’s estate sold the entire business to Parker Brothers after Fuld’s controversial death form suicide – some say it was murder. Parker Brothers continues to hold all trademarks and patents. About ten brands of talking boards are sold today under various names.
It is said that people who used the boards become sitting targets, attracting dangerous paranormal energies, like demons, who try to enter our existence – as we see in the film. The board acts like a portal into our world, attaching itself to the most vulnerable person.

Sewer Alligators:
The story dates back to the 1930s and claims that because of people flushing pet alligators down loos, the New York City sewer system is teeming with deadly alligators. The animals were allegedly brought up from Florida but got too big and nasty for the home and had to go. Some newspapers claim that police make regular trips underground to hunt the creatures down. It is generally accepted that these stories are false, but there are reports of some truth in them, too…

Paranormal Activity is out on DVD and Blu-ray on 22nd March. You can check out our review here and Check out the trailer here.

Now you can experience the phenomenon that is PARANORMAL ACTIVITY in the comfort and safety of your own home! This is the story of Katie and Micah, a carefree couple who become haunted by an unseen presence in their house. They decide to investigate the increasingly bizarre and escalating intrusions by setting up a video camera to capture evidence of the demonic presence in their house, only to find much more than they ever imagined.

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