Advert Break – ‘Robot Chicken Season 4’ and ‘Titan Maximum season 1’ coming to DVD August 30th

Titan Maximum season 1

From Robot Chicken creator Seth Green, Titan Maximum has been a huge hit in the US and is now screening on FX in the UK.

When a once peaceful solar system is threatened by a genocidal madman, TITAN FORCE FIVE commanding the mighty TITAN MAXIMUM are humanity’s only hope for survival. It’s robo-bashing, laser-blasting, monkey-flying, sometimes naked spacefaring action and adventure as only the creators of Emmy award winning ROBOT CHICKEN can deliver! The characters are voiced by none other than Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Rachel Leigh Cook and Eden Espinosa

Robot Chicken season 4

Set in war-torn France at the dawn of the 20th century, Robot Chicken Season 4 is the story of a young, orphaned blind girl. Forced to work in a steel mill to survive, she quickly wins over the other workers with her eccentric, innocent hopefulness.

Robot Chicken Season 4 is the stuff that heartfelt, uplifting, high-priced musical theatre is made of. Except maybe for the action-figure dismemberment, evil santa-snowmen and constant slut kicks in the plastic nutsacks.

Dick Cheney dons the Iron Man armor! Star Trek II gets boiled down into a two-minute opera! And Tila Tequila‘s sexy secrets – like the one where she’s a murderous android – are revealed! So get ready to watch a season’s worth of insanity!

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