AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #645-646 Variants

Press Release :

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at two new Amazing Spider-Man variants from superstar artists Bryan Hitch (Amazing Spider-Man #645) and Paolo Rivera (Amazing Spider-Man #646)! Origin Of The Species, from the pulse-pounding creative team of Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta, continues as an army of Spidey’s greatest villains set the stage for one of the toughest fight of Spidey’s life. The odds are stacked against Spider-Man as he and Harry Osborn fight side-by-side in a battle to save Harry’s child. The people Peter Parker cares about most are in danger, and someone won’t live to tell the tale!

Make sure you catch the last two chapters of the greatest  Spider-Man epic comes to a close this October in Amazing Spider-Man #645 and Amazing Spider-Man #646

Amazing Spider-Man #645 variant

Amazing Spider-Man #646 Variant

Well usually I do not want variant covers but if I do not receive these in my weekly comic subscription I might have to go out and buy them anyway, they are  beautiful.

GS Reporter: Kelly

Source: Marvel

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