An SFX Weekender? Where do I sign up?


One of my fave Sci-fi/Fantasy reads is the SFX magazine. This week they have now announced that they planning a two day celebration of all things Sci-fi/fantasy and much more.

The Event will be called ‘SFX Weekender’ and will be held at Pontin’s Holiday Park Camber Sands, Sussex. Attendees are promised 48 hours of screening, guest-star talks, author panels, exhitbitions, music, videogaming, book readings, anime, comic zones and the SFX Awards.

Could this be the Glastonbury of Sci-fi/Fantasy Festivals? We’ll have to wait and say.

Head over to the SFX Weekender website for more details.

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  1. Had a look at this last night. Does say prices start at £85 but for two of us to go it was about £150 each. Only way for it to be 85 is for there to be 8 of you sharing 4 to a room which isnt happening. I’ve been to cons before, you need your space at the end of a day.
    Undecided now.

    • geeksyndicate /

      yeah I saw this when i looked this morning.

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